"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change
—  across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves." - Rotary International Vision Statement
 We are a cause-based Rotary Club in Rotary International District 5280 dedicated to the
Rotary Fight Against Human Trafficking & Modern-Day Slavery in the Los Angeles area and beyond.
We serve through education, prevention and helping those in the front lines of the cause. 

We are People of Action. We are People of Peace.

We Imagine Rotary with you and help Create Hope in the World.

You are welcome to visit us! Club meetings are on Zoom, 5:30 PM Pacific/UTC-8 on 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

Socials & fellowships, special meetings, service projects and get-togethers with other Clubs and District 5280 are in-person.

Reach out through our Facebook Page and/or through our email: D5280RFHT@gmail.com

D5280 RFHT x iEmpathize | The Apathy Effect Exhibit, January 2023
Photo on the left: Wrapping up the exhibit and just before saying "mission accomplished", we took a photo together Club members, Club friends and from iEmpathize.
01/27/2023 Los Angeles, California, United States - January is recognized as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Our Rotary Club recognizes this as a good opportunity to strengthen our Rotary Fight Against Human Trafficking by hosting one of our signature projects in January.
Many thanks to our Rotary Partner in Service, iEmpathize! iEmpathize is an official member of our Rotary Club and is a very effective organization in our collective campaign against apathy, abuse and creating empathy for the issue of trafficking. We have to face the harsh truth: human trafficking and slavery still exists and it happens in every city and community.
The Apathy Effect Exhibit was featured last January 21-22, 2023 at the YMCA Metro Los Angeles Annex Building. This was a joint awareness campaign of our Club, D5280 Rotarians Fighting Human Trafficking Rotary Club and iEmpathize.
We were able to raise more awareness of the issue in our own Rotary International District 5280 Community, the local community around the venue, and others who were invited or found out about our exhibit.
The exhibit featured powerful images, actual artifacts and videos of the different realities of human trafficking and abuse in the United States and all over the world. There are guided tours with in depth and personal immersions, a call to action, and a post-process discussion with our Club members. We also had t-shirts and tote bags to help raise funds for our Club's different projects and distributed wrist bands and blue ribbons to wear to raise even more awareness on the issue of human trafficking.
The Exhibit was funded mostly through the District Grant that our Club applied for with a minor contribution from Club funds. The Grant funding comes from Rotary International District 5280's District Designated Fund from The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
"Hearing the stories and testimonies, seeing actual items tied to trafficking, abuse and suffering really tugs on your heartstrings." -  one of our visitors said.
"What can we do to help?" and similar versions of this quote were heard a lot. What can you do in the midst of this global crisis of apathy, suffering and injustice? What can you do against the rising tide of apathy that results in the sale and slavery of children?
Interested in Rotary's many service initiatives locally and globally? Want to learn more and do more in the cause against this old but continuously mutating crime against human rights and dignity? Check out our Rotary Club, join the Rotary Movement and together let us end this horrible reality that millions of people all over the world suffer through every day.
We are the D5280 Rotarians Fighting Human Trafficking Rotary Club! You are very welcome to see what we do together and talk about what we can do with you!
We will host a Signature Event again in January 2024! See you there and together, we will end human trafficking and modern-day slavery!
Interested in knowing what our Club does? Curious? Reach out via email at: d5280rfht@gmail.com or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/D5280RFHT
Learn more about iEmpathize's Apathy Effect Exhibit:
Photo on the left: Wrapping up the exhibit and just before saying "mission accomplished", we took a photo together, Club members, Club friends and from our partners from iEmpathize.
The Apathy Effect Exhibit by iEmpathize, our Rotary Partner In Service and a member of our Rotary Club. A very effective and impactful way to inform people about the global and local issue of human trafficking and modern slavery with a strong call to action.
Know more about future locations and the Apathy Effect exhibit here:
The "post-process" discussion room to make more sense of the issue and of what was experienced in the Apathy Effect Exhibit.
Special thanks to Rotary International District 5280 officers and the Presidents Elect of our fellow Rotary Clubs in the District for making time to experience the exhibit and helping promote the exhibit.
Special thanks to the Y! The venue of our recent Rotary Club projects have been at the Annex Building of the YMCA Metro Los Angeles. https://www.ymcala.org/ 
We hope to do more impactful awareness campaigns and service projects here!
Learn more about the Rotary Fight Against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, local and global: ragas.online
Be Informed | Join the Rotary Movement | Act Now
A joint project of the Rotary Club of D5280 Rotarians Fighting Human Trafficking and iEmpathize:
The APATHY EFFECT EXHIBIT by iEmpathize, our Rotary Partner in Service, will feature films, photos and artifacts to educate everyone on the realities and pains of exploitation, trafficking and abuse. HUMAN TRAFFICKING is MODERN-DAY SLAVERY!

Learn, experience and be moved. Be educated and educate others too and know what you can do to stop human trafficking and abuse!
Learn about the Exhibit here: https://iempathize.org/apathy-effect/
Where: Westchester YMCA, 8015 S Sepulveda Boulevard, Westchester, CA, 90045
When: January 21-22, 2022, 10 AM - 5 PM (Saturday, 1/21) and 10 AM - 2 PM (Sunday, 1/22)
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